Why We Do Advertising and Sales?


To say we’re in business to sell newspapers and advertising space would create the wrong impression, businesses that set out to make money generally fail. Profit/income are only the by-product of doing the job well.

We take our editorial ethos which has made us so successful as a newspaper and a website into advertising and sales. It starts with the idea/concept that we have two bosses, one the reader and two the advertisers.

We’re committed to making sure that they get more than their rand’s worth and thoroughly enjoy doing business with us. We want to ensure that every advertiser who advertises with us stays with us. Getting the client is easy; keeping the client is the art.


How We Do It?

The best relationships always give the best results and our aim with our advertisers is to make certain that we understand the advertisers’ aim and purpose and that we’re able to deliver an efficient and cost-effective method for them to achieve their advertising objectives across all our platforms.

Our BrandsLaduma sales and marketing platform allows us to share our insights, knowledge and experience on why and how we are the leading soccer publication on the African continent.

We do this by showcasing case studies on the 360-degree campaigns we’ve seamlessly executed in collaboration with our clients that always starts with our creative team brainstorming and conceptualizing ideas to deliver and exceed on the brand’s objectives. Our six golden rules help us to do this: Planning, Planning, Planning and Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.

Our readers are loyal to us and trust us to do good by them. By extension they also trust the brands we associate with.

We’ve been fortunate to start a Supporters Club on request from our readers and some of the most influential supporters in South Africa, which has given us a membership of high reactors and extremely engaged users.

Members have made a commitment to the Supporters Club to exponentially amplify the intended messaging from brand advertising.

This is achieved on the ground across 360 physical locations, online through our Supporters club content and also promoted across the most engaging social platforms in South Africa – Soccer Laduma’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We don’t just place an ad; our readers sing it from the rooftops.

 What’s The Result?

The halo effect, better relationships with your customers where they are having fun, we measure that we’re giving more than your rand’s worth.