1 Million Facebook Likes: Not Just A Vanity Number

Sound the alarm! The Soccer Laduma Facebook page has reached the milestone of 1 Million Likes since its inception in September 2011! While this number itself is impressive, it’s the engagement rate that comes with it that has changed the face of the Soccer Laduma digital landscape. 

It’s worth noting that the growth has been 100% organic, not a single Like has been bought and 58.2% of the Fan Base is in South Africa. In May 2015, the Soccer Laduma Facebook page sent 26 million pageviews to its website, that’s an average of 23.7% referrals coming directly from Facebook! Articles being shared on the platform with a link is the most engaging type of content on the Page, with an average reach of 82, 287 per post and an average post click of 6, 624. With over 40 stories posted daily, well you can do the math!

A key part in our Facebook strategy is well designed graphics and info graphics, that relay our absolute passion for the beautiful game, and at the same time continues the look and feel of Soccer Laduma. It’s unsurprising then that photo’s are our second best performing posts, with an average reach of 63, 189 and and average engagement of 1,813.

Soccer Laduma boasts a demographic of 87% male audience, majority between the ages of 18 and 34, with 13% of our audience being of the female persuasion. Bearing in mind that this equates to 130 000 women who like, share and comment daily, the number is one that proves the growing number of female supporters in the country.

In recent years many brands have gotten on board and used the Soccer Laduma Facebook page to sponsor content, host competitions and join hands in collaborating with our social media team. It’s clear that the type of content being produced is hitting the mark with the football audience on Facebook. They’re not only actively engaging with our content, therefore keeping Soccer Laduma news in their timelines, but they’re also interested enough to investigate further on the website.

If you’re yet to Like the Soccer Laduma page, be sure to join the community and make sure your brand gets involved in what can only be described as the true South African football fan’s home away from home!

For more information on how to partner with Soccer Laduma Facebook, email tracy@soccerladuma.co.za or tweet me @MissGailis and @BrandsLaduma.

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