Content That Works On Facebook!

by Gail Odgers, Head of Social Media 

The top performing post on the Soccer Laduma Facebook page every week is a simple one. Well designed, strategic in its development and the attached clear cut, punchy copy, but simple none the less. The consistent content winner is, a Happy Birthday graphic. Surprise!

Over the period of six months, the Soccer Laduma social media team create about 60 beautifully designed ‘Happy Birthday’ posts for top players and managers celebrating worldwide, shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in what has become an engagement hub on our social pages. Why it works so well on Soccer Laduma, is the perfect combination of the most popular personalities in football, but also a highly receptive audience!

With this success in mind, Soccer Laduma has opened up the property across our social channels (as we do with all proven, successful properties) allowing brands to sponsor the post!

As a top performer on Soccer Laduma’s 1 million-strong Facebook Page, it’s a property that also incites incredible engagement on both Twitter and Instagram. Sponsoring this post puts your brand front and centre of Soccer Laduma’s highly interactive and vocal social media audience. With a strong call to action, it’s sure to attract a positive brand association with local football fans.

For costing on this and other sponsor opportunities with Soccer Laduma, contact sales manager Tracy Greentree on

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