How Analysing Numbers Can Change Your Business

“If you think you can just do digital, you’re dreaming!”

This is just one gem dropped by Soccer Laduma CEO Peter du Toit during a recent conversation with the Brands Laduma team on what drives the success of digital content.

The answer to this question seems shockingly obvious; listen to your readers! The problem lies with the ‘how’ element of listening however. You can’t mine consumer insights unless you take a magnifying glass to their engagement with your content.

“He who pulls the most reports, and analyses it correctly, will make the necessary changes and adapt to get the best content for your audience,” says Peter.

This, in a nutshell, is Soccer Laduma’s business model to ensure quality content that receives its highest possible rate of engagement. We listen very closely to what our audience wants, we gauge their responses and we use this information to adjust our content strategy. It’s our recipe for success, and with 1.025 million unique browsers and 48 million monthly pageviews, it’s a strategy that’s reaping impressive rewards.

Soccer Laduma currently produces 130 ongoing reports. These are daily, weekly and monthly reports made up of dashboards detailing every section of the website, the content that populates it and the top performing content. This data is then sent to department editors to analyse. What works? What is the content type – the angle, the sentiment, the headline, the copy – that excites our audience the most? It’s our way of getting inside the heads of South Africa’s most passionate football fans!

What’s more, because digital media is a mine of rich data, we’re also able to analyse numbers in real time. Using Google Analytics, the Soccer Laduma team can see how many people visit the site in real time, viewing spikes in site visits caused by specific content capturing the attention of our devoted following.

“It’s your best chance of producing great content. Analysing these reports keeps you honest because you’re using your audience as a guideline. The numbers is not a fluke; we pore over and interpret the reports constantly. This is relevant content,” says Soccer Laduma editor-in-chief Clint Roper.

Here’s how analysing numbers can change your business:

Step 1: Divide your platform into key target areas

Step 2: Create a report for each area, containing your most important business metrics

Step 3: Set targets for these metrics, be ambitious!

Step 4: Work towards these targets by implementing more of what works according to the numbers and adjusting your strategy to remove what doesn’t work

Step 5: Once you meet your target – and if you’re analysing the reports correctly you will – set a new one!

Analysing reports is one of the reasons Soccer Laduma is able to execute campaign content on behalf of advertisers so successfully. It’s because we know definitively what our audience wants that we’re able to produce results for advertising campaigns. In fact, optimising client content to suit our audiences interests based on these report insights is what sets us apart when it comes to native advertising!

Numbers don’t lie, and because Soccer Laduma puts so much value in consumer insights, we’re able to tailor campaign content to produce top performing results on our platforms.

It’s important for advertisers to piggyback on the ‘halo effect’ this content has. Why? Because we’re not feeling around in the dark! Analysing the numbers on our digital platforms not only gives us incredible insights into our audiences’ demands, but it also gives us direction, purpose and proves that Soccer Laduma is a brand with vision.

By Gail Odgers, Head of Social Media, Brands Laduma

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