Millions Of Reasons To Partner With Soccer Laduma!

Soccer Laduma hit record after record in the month of June 2015, as we continue to captivate our audience with engaging content. So important is the brand’s focus on quality content, that CEO Peter du Toit continually says, “Our numbers prove that content is king, whether in the newspaper, on the web and mobi site or on Facebook!”

And the numbers certainly do speak for themselves. Just have a look at Soccer Laduma’s monthly deck for June as proof!

Two particular records that stand out is an all-time high in Pageviews of over 48 million across all devices for the month according to Effective Measure (or if you’re a bigger fan of Google analytics – 62 million). This was aided by a growth spurt that saw the Soccer Laduma Facebook Page reach the 1 million-fan mark!

Have a look at our June monthly deck infographic for millions of other reasons why a multi-platform partnership with Soccer Laduma is the right one for your brand!

Soccer Laduma's record numbers for the month of June

Soccer Laduma’s record numbers for the month of June


Connect with the entire Brands Laduma team via email, LinkedIn or Twitter:

Tracy Greentree – Sales Manager – – @zatracy

Clint Roper – Head of Editorial – – @soccaclint

Ashraf Stakala - Head of Digital – – @ashdigital_

Gail Odgers – Head of Social Media – – @MissGailis

Piet Geustyn – Head of Research – – @Piet_G

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