Transfer Window: Cash In On Breaking News

611 074 pageviews and 165 107 unique browsers in the space of 21 days, that’s BEFORE the start of the transfer window on 1 July when all the action happens! This is the type of numbers affiliated with the Soccer Laduma Transfer Centre, a number your brand can partner up with!

Transfer Centre is every fanatical football fan’s go-to section for local and international breaking news once the transfer window opens, and with Soccer Laduma breaking 90% of all big transfer news, it’s no wonder our numbers spike massively during this period.

The Transfer Centre is a section on the Soccer Laduma web and mobile site dedicated to transfer news, speculation, rumours and announcements. It officially opens 1 July and closes 30 August and contains both local and international breaking news. An average of 20 stories are posted to this section daily, and promoted on Soccer Laduma’s very strong social media platforms, helping to increase the overall pageviews and making it one of our most popular properties.

It’s the perfect space for a brand take-over on the Soccer Laduma web and mobile site, where you can own the news online and on social media as football fans break the internet with huge conversation around news signings, transfer speculation and rumours. If you want to be where the action is during the off-season then Transfer Centre is where you want to be!

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