Why We Do Research?


We love our customers and we saw a great opportunity for our readers by recognising their value to business and ourselves. Our reader/user base is huge, unique and filled with real insights that could become a source of growth and revenue to the base and business. So was born the Soccer Laduma Supporters Club and Soccer Laduma Research.

How We Do It?

Our research platforms allow us to provide our business partners with a solution that combines quality, speed and cost.


First of all, we know that there is no community like ours in South Africa. Our base is large and robust; and we have built up a relationship of trust with these individuals over the past 18 years. Our Community want to engage with us and provide us with honest responses through our open conversations with them.

We have a dedicated research team that understands our community’s culture, language and nuances, unlocking “wow moments” through our research.



Our Supporters Club structure allows us real time, direct access to both our online and on the ground community. Our in-house call centre communicates with our Supporters Club on a daily basis, providing our research team with ongoing feedback.

We offer flexible research solutions and quicker turnaround times, especially “where the streets have no name”, since we already live there.



Traditionally, conducting “Last Mile Research” is challenging, mainly because of the logistical issues faced with gaining access to the required sample. This also makes it very expensive, especially for longitudinal studies.

Our direct access to the Supporters Club means we don’t struggle with the logistics. We are able to gather insights directly from the ground, and identify long-term trends. We can reach more areas simultaneously, directly and at a much lower cost.


What’s The Result?

The results for you?

· You get a much higher return on investment, without incurring all the costs
· Real market insights, directly from South African black consumers
· New product development opportunities, tailor made to this market
· Social investment for your company

The results for us?

· Job opportunities for our Supporters Club members
· Better understanding of the challenges faced by our Supporters Club members
· Access to further education through bursaries for our members
· We are able to empower individuals, and help them to facilitate social change in their communities