Why We Do Social Media?


We created these platforms to allow the fans a certain freedom when discussing their passion, and also to live where the fans live. South Africans love football, they love talking about it, and Soccer Laduma’s social networks give them multiple platforms to further their obsessions. And because of the incredibly high engagement rate, it’s a place where brands can tap into a very active audience.

How We Do It?

Our social media team are not only football fanatics, but are also social media mavens. They stay abreast of the latest trends in social media and find ways to creatively adapt it to suit our audience on our various platforms. Above all else, they know who our fans are and know how to cater to what they enjoy engaging with. Our team reports and analyses the most important social media metrics and use that to inform our content strategies, always optimising performance.

What’s The Result?

Our commitment to keeping the conversation relevant and entertaining has resulted in an actively, engaged audience. This is evident in our numbers:

  • Facebook with over 874 000 fans
  • Twitter with a following of over 226 000 people
  • Google Plus with over 81 000 followers
  • WeChat with an audience of 19 000
  • Instagram with over 9 000 followers