Why We Do Supporters Club?


The Supporters Club became a natural progression for our readers. After 18 years of trust with Soccer Laduma, our readers approached us to form the Soccer Laduma Supporters Club, the reason being, they wanted to have a voice in SA football. We then also saw the wonderful opportunity to, give them a greater say in the paper and to give the readers an opportunity to earn income via the Supporters Club.

How We Do It?

Soccer Laduma created the infrastructure and the organisation and the readers provided the members and the commitment. The SLSC exists online and on the ground. On the ground we have 350 branches and growing, each branch consists of a branch manager and a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 100. Branch Managers report to 29 regional chairmen who in turn report to a committee consisting of Soccer Laduma and the 6 number one, big name supporters in SA for example Fefe, Dejan, Botha and Machaka.

The online SLSC members signup via the site. We have an in-house team that contacts every branch manager weekly to discuss the agenda for the monthly meetings and feedback on previous meetings. The agendas consist of SA football issues, Soccer Laduma editorial issues, research, job opportunities and social issues.

The committee deals with these issues with the relevant parties, PSL, SAFA, Minister of Sport, the clubs and business.

What’s The Result?

The SLSC has given Soccer Laduma better insight into what our readers want, we’re helping to benefit football, in particular from the fan’s perspective, we’ve created job opportunities and income for members as well as a huge sense of belonging. This allows invaluable research for business, advertising and joint ventures with business. We currently have26 000 and growing members with an estimate of a 100 000 membership target.